Monday, November 29, 2010

Welcome home

I started this blog a very short while ago. Only three weeks ago to be precise. But then I hit a small snag, my computer was stolen. Very tricky trying to do this blogging thing without one. Anyway, hooray last night my Dad returned from the US with my new baby, so welcome home little mac book pro. Lets hope your stay here is a little longer than the six months your predecessor lasted. And like a dodo I had not backed up any of my images so I will have to start all over again, boo hoo. I will jump right in and show you something small just to see if all is working, this new blogger template is great but will take a bit of getting used to. So bear with me while I work through it. This wall of gorgeousness below found via remodelista, is something I have, have, have to find a spot for.

Wall detail of brass discs

Erica Tanov store

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