Saturday, January 1, 2011

In Province Town

Have you ever gone on holiday to a fabulous location and arrived only to find that the place you are staying in is thoroughly uncomfortable?  It has small lumpy sofas or an ill equipped kitchen or even worse really bad mattresses. Oh the list goes on but it can severely hamper your chance of a great rest. So this place to me, maybe not to all, looks like a great place to unwind. Not too stuffy, not trying too hard, no one would mind if you put your feet up on the ping pong, kitchen, dining table. It belongs to my favourite John Derian, its his Province Town abode. Once a sea captains home (see right there you have my attention.) Still with most of its 30's wall paper it just looks so relaxed. OK, John if you are reading this I'm open to an invitation, even if its just for dinner.

Images from australian Vogue Living

1 comment:

  1. Please can I come too!! Boy do I covet that old green bin - and as for the mirroir- WELL!!