Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Plotting and Planning

I've been so desperate for a studio space to work in for as long as I can remember, not only in the house we live in now but every home we've ever lived in. I've been planning to start building the studio this winter but the idea of how it would work had not really solidified in my mind. I'd always just thought of turning the garage into the studio and not have it connected to the house, but yesterday my Mom came up with a brilliant idea to break through the downstairs cloak room (which I've recently renovated) into the garage, to make an enormous studio/spare room thats still attached to the house but slightly removed. Wow that was a long sentence! And its all I've been able to think of. So Kate of The Kolective, hope you are listening, I'm off to get the plans from city counsel, and we are going to get this party started. Visit Kates website for more info on her Architecture and Design Studio. If you need an architect, she's your gal. These following images are from a series by photographer Ditte Isager called Collectors. Mostly of artists and their studios.


  1. Mothers are walking, talking pearls of wisdom

  2. Excited to start the project, next you'll be posting your fabulous studio up too