Thursday, January 13, 2011

The progress report

For a long time I've been dying to renovate our bathroom, that has been stuck in the seventies....well since the seventies. I'll try to find some pictures of what it looked like when we first bought the house. It was peach I think, with peach and avocado tiles, that I think were from Liebermann Pottery. In a low budget attempt to bring it into the 21st century I just painted the whole lot! Painted the tiles with tile primer and then white paint, works a treat in a temporary bathroom emergency. So when the bathroom pipes started leaking into the dining room below it was like I was getting the go ahead to renovate without guilt. Here are a few pics of what its looking like.

Monday (see peeling linoleum) eewww
Monday (see peeling paint) double eeewwww
So after seeing all that nastiness I thought I'd leave you with something decent looking, these pics are just a couple of great bathroom spaces that are not necessarily a representation of how my bathroom will turn out. One thing they do have is personality and that is something I love in a bathroom.

image via Apartment Therapy

This is my dearly beloved Phil S's bathroom and I love it so much for its moodiness and spectacular hexagonal marble floor tile, impossible to find in SA. 

Images via Lonny Mag


  1. Caroline San AndresJanuary 14, 2011 at 12:14 AM

    Oh goodie for you Mia: Bathroom renno! Tres merveilleux! Can't wait for the result!

    Loving the black bathrooms! I painted the concrete floor (in my Venice apt. that I can't seem to part with) a Navy-Black and kept the walls (asylum) regretting not going dark now! Rats..where was your blog this summer?

  2. There's just nothing like a bit of ripping and chopping to get a room back to square one and a fresh new start!! Look forward to pics of the end result!! Also adore the pics of Phils bathroom - that basin!! wOW