Sunday, January 30, 2011

Kamakazi Fly

There's one of those impossibly fast and noisy flies buzzing around my office like a Kamakazi right now. It is making it hard for me to concentrate on the idea I had for today's posting so you'll forgive me if the thread of what I wanted to convey is a little off axis. I wanted to share with you the beauty and warmth of wood in a contemporary setting and was inspired by these images. I love the combination of gray, wood, white and silver. The first four images are from an article in Vogue Living AU featuring a weekend retreat home belonging to Richard Ferretti and James Gager

Chairs Knoll Studio Bertoia

Vintage Danish Chairs

 70's Italian light juxtaposed with rough-hewn and slick

 This cushion looks like a perfect refuge on a lazy arvie

These images taken from World of Interiors Feb 2011 show the versatile use of wood in an eclectic setting. The apartment belongs to Adam Gordon and Kristina O'Neal

Television displayed on a large easel and the dark floor boards were reclaimed from a Gin factory

 Killer staricase with a 1959 sculpture by Dorothy Dehner contrast with broad herring bone floors

Wooden biomorphic shapes

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  1. Oh Mr Smith! Thanks for sharing these, the gin factory reclamation is jaw dropping beautiful.

    The staircase - so elegant in it's simplicity.

    Want both.