Monday, February 14, 2011

Made and found

Here's to another really busy week, hope you all have a really good one. These are a few things made and found during a rather busy last week.

Finally hung some stuff  in the bathroom, will post some decent pics once the glass shower panel goes in

A balsa wood experiment, will post the bigger version I made for the study soon

Pen and ink scetches

The beginning of a new cushion cover

Got given some incredible polish that I tried on this hand carved thing I found at Brimfield

Archipelago candle (smells amazing might have to go get some more) from Croft and co

I finally finished embroidering this cushion cover

Phil brought over one of my glove molds in her hand luggage
Not sure what this is but it makes a great paperweight   
More pen and ink fun


  1. Oooh I love that wall in your bathroom!! Can't wait to see it!! Sitting in Cape Town airport waiting to come home!!

  2. Mia,I love your embroidery

  3. MIA! Your bathroom.....oh wow! Almost at a loss for exquisite.

  4. Gorgeous goodies and love the embroidery! Post more bathroom photos! I LOVE that wall!