Friday, March 25, 2011

Grey Stone

Its killing me that I cannot understand Danish. The Google translate thingy does'nt work that well (sorry google) I wish I had more to tell you about this house, but it's so gorgeous the pictures speak for themselves. One would think that a house with inner walls, ceilings and floors all built entirely out of the same grey stone would be a bit much, but the fact that the owners have kept colour to a bare minimum, barring tiny hits of black and white make for a very calm and serene home. What looks like an addition at the back of the house has been done so skillfully that you have to look very carefully to see where the old ends and new begins. Oh my! Those vaulted ceilings, the wide gravel walkway, the beautifully stacked roof tiles and those olive trees. OK I'll shut up now and you can decide for yourself. Photographs by Pernille Kaalund.

all images via here

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  1. Always had a thing for vaulted ceilings!!love the stone!!!