Wednesday, June 22, 2011

De Bouche a Oreille Maison

Built into the ancient arches of the village of Uzes, this teeny little store was filled to the rafters with cuteness. Every which way you turned there was something to look at. Every crevice was art directed so beautifully that I hope my pictures do it justice.

images by mia widlake

 So if you are ever in the region and want to pop in, the address is 14, rue du 4 septembre, 30700 Uzes. 04 66 75 29 70.


  1. You can't possibly be back cause I'm sure I'd have been among the first to know but loving the pics (how's the quality of that Leica) so call me when you do get back and we'll check em out over Vida at MHQ ;-)

  2. Your pics do great justice to that totally divine shop. Want just about everything...

  3. How do you find them!! Or do They find You!! Been there many times and dont know that shop!! Fab!!