Sunday, July 17, 2011

New v ou

For years this family has run a surplus business in Pretoria but recently opened a little shop in Greenside. Right next door to the Greenside Cafe. For all of us surplus deprived South Africans its really fabulous for a dig. Filled to bursting with fun things ready to be reinvented or just a clean. I found a hand painted surveyors ruler and two large round wooden things (have no idea what they are) but once cleaned up and polished will make great round mirror frames. I could easily have taken home all of those glass vases, and a brass fire hydrant but I had to reign myself in. Stop by if you are ever in the area, I guarantee you will not leave empty handed.

all dodgy iphone pics by me


  1. Looks fab. Can't wait to trawl through the shelves with you!

  2. whats the name of the shop in pta?