Monday, September 19, 2011


Brimfield even under a foot of water still managed to yield some incredible finds. We waded through water and mud ancle deep. On the first day I was too lazy to put on my wellies and went off in my Havaianas and had to several times fish them out of some muddy abyss. The second day we wore our wellies even though the sun had come out there was still water everywhere. See Phil's post about Brimfield here (funny as always!!!)
While going through all the photos of the show and NY I thought I'd group them to make some sort of sense of the whole trip. Here are my favorite under the Typography heading. These first four images of chests and cupboards are all hand painted by an ex circus signage painter in London (by hand!!) Makes one want to make over that boring piece of furniture and give it a new life.

images Mia Widlake

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