Friday, December 2, 2011

Dear West Elm

If you are listening. And that goes for you too Pottery Barn, PB Teen, Pottery Barn Baby and any other affiliated stores. Do you know that it is utterly impossible to access any of your websites from South Africa! And trust me I've tried everything! Different computers, different servers, approaches and nothing, let me tell you nothing works! All I ever get is this.

Then when you call them, they tell you that there is absolutely nothing wrong and that there are no restrictions. And are you crazy? Why would we do that? But I have heard that even in other non US countries that it is impossible to view their websites. Why oh why would you do this to us? I feel like I'm living a sanctioned life. Because when I visit blogs like the lovely Decor8. And see all the fabulous things that West Elm has at the moment I get so sad. Because I cant see any of it. I'm sorry Holly to just take these straight off you blog (numbers and all) but... Phil if you are reading this please can you order me a 2, a number 6, two number 7's in black and an 11. OMG I love number 6!

All images via decor8

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