Thursday, January 19, 2012


Its the twenty minutes when my kids are bathing or the (if I'm lucky) two hours after they go to sleep that I really get to look around the great wide world of the web. Maybe I'm missing out, but not sure I am. Because this afternoon my kids helped me make the dough for our pizzas and the tomato sauce to go on them. I may not have hours to dedicate to this blog, but thats OK. I did however in my poking around find these, that will inspire all sorts of things. A Danish (of course they are, does'nt everything awesome come from Denmark?) company that specializes in lighting. Meet Lightyears. Hopefully there's a little spark for you.

images via here


  1. Also so battle with the time thing would love my blog to,look better & have more of a thoughtful curated feel - no time, so,it is what it is - small quick creative release for me x

  2. Check out beauitful furniture from, these photos reminds me of them. Nice blog!