Friday, March 16, 2012


While in Capetown for the Design Indaba I thought I'd go check out Merchants on Long, after its write up in the US Vogue (uh huh, they did!) I was all set to treat myself to some earrings from Kirsten Goss or something equally gorgeous. It took me several drive by's and a few walk by's to realize that the windows had been blacked out and that's why I could not find it. The inside of the store had been transformed into a dark rainforest (tricky to photograph), complete with trees and a carpet of leaves underfoot. Every detail was gorgeous, little nests with eggs, porcupines and birds. And all for the launch of the new line of Okapi bags by Hanneli Rupert. The amazing bags were beautifully displayed in back lit glass cases (also very hard to photograph...sorry) 

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