Monday, November 19, 2012


Last week was a busy one... my son turned six, I prepared for two shoots, Kate and I shot some of our ceramics at my Moms house, we had birthday parties, swimming lessons, decked out Anatomy with lots of new stock and made all the new items that are making their debut at the fair, and I'm in for another. We set up our stand for Food Wine Design tomorrow, paint put up shelves and unpack everything on Thursday for the event to start Thursday evening. So excited. I hope that everyone that possibly can will join us for a glass on wine and an unwind. Here are a few pics from this past week.

A chair I upholstered in home made fabric for FWD

Some new platters

Round mirrors I finally finished after months

Copper arrow cushions for FWD

Closing doors

The shoot we did in my Moms kitchen, love those tiles!

Love this shot of Kates cup filled with Olives

A whole collection of Josephine Road

The new Anatomy store at 44 Stanley, go visit!

A favourite thrift score

New pencil jars for FWD

I manged to grow only one artichoke, we're all deciding who gets to eat it.

New plates for FWD

Big spoon jars

Another thrifting score, those strange scientific glass beakers.


  1. those new jars are just fantastic! x

  2. Cannot wait to get home and see all your magnificent creations! Everything looks exquisite.
    Glass of vino to celebrate asap :) x x x B

  3. AAAAh it all looks so fantastic - sure you will be a hit at FWD!

  4. Congrats on all the milestones. Just letting you know I got the print and its glorious. My hubby is going to love it. Thanks

  5. Love the beakers, You've inspired me to go to the local thrift store.

  6. where can i purchase these magnificent pieces?!