Friday, March 8, 2013

Open for business

Yesterday, fueled by fabulous coffee and plum tarts, Kate and I spent a very busy day installing all the bits and pieces that make a job come alive. We put in all the plants, hung all the art and very nearly dressed the shelves. I say very nearly because we kept repurposing items and using them elsewhere. But its come together so nicely! Congratulations Kate on a job well done. And good luck Zane, hope there are lots of bums in those very nice tolix chairs. I snapped these on my phone, please excuse.



  1. It is absolutely FABULOUS! Can't wait to go one day! xxxxx

  2. Was lucky enough to see Ginger and Fig the day before opening!! So very well done Mia and Kate! The final result is GORGEOUS!

  3. This place is lovely! Definitely going to pop in.