Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What it takes

Sometimes its a kick in the pants but sometimes its an email from a reader, saying "are you ok? where are you?' Thanks Chad for being the one that brought me back to my blog. A little time away has been great. Very productive. Check out my website here for some of the work I've been doing with Kate from Josephine Road. Do you sometimes go through patches when you think the internet has little to offer in terms of inspiration...well maybe not, maybe I'm not looking in the right places. But these re-ignited my hopes that there will always be more. Beautiful images via here.


  1. Missed your posts & eye on things too, but have to agree with needing a break from Internet & blogging, does wear thin & takes you away from actually doing

  2. Yes I missed it too, but have also been having a break over the school holidays, was quite a relief not to have to post every week and just enjoy the moment. Although I love blogging too. I got stuck into some satisfying making which is always good for the soul. Welcome back and love your images as usual