Tuesday, December 14, 2010


For a while now I've been considering painting the inside of my house white. Unfortunately I cannot commit to a white, I've never really met a white I really really love! My house is cool on one side and warm on the other so the only answer would be to paint it different shades of white so that it's not too green or yellow. Some swear by Tennis court white others Picket fence white but I'm undecided. So off I went to Earthcote, really the only paint company in South Africa that understands that the art of colour is a science. I now have lots and lots of little pots of white, and I will let you know if I finally settle on one. I found this gorgeous house designed by architect Yves Bayard, lived in by him and his wife. I love the double volume and the black window frames, but I especially love the whiteness of it.

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