Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Barber, the Tailor and the Bootmaker

Yesterday I spend the whole day running around, making, painting and finishing off a few projects. Mr Smith did a great post on black and white on Monday and one of the images was a pic from an article about Captains of Industry. A great mens outfitters and general hang out spot in Melbourne. I had found these images after reading the article in the Vogue Living and stashed them. Thanks for the reminder Mr Smith. Does'nt this place look dapper. I would love a pair of those brogues. And the thought of all that Hendricks gin, well you know how I feel about that! Along the way I found two lovely blogs Koh and Co and Gatsby and Me. Be sure to visit.

image via here

this image and below via koh and co

this image and below via gatsby and me

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