Monday, January 24, 2011

Black and White contrast

Light is so important in a living space, and I love a monochromatic palette. Black and white work together with elements of wood thrown in the mix. Here are some pics to show what I'm talking about.

The texture of the wall and floor contrast beautifully with the Papier Maché, plaster and wax desk by Sam Whiteman

I'm crazy about the texture and color of the fabric on the day bed in Mariella Ienna's living room and the way they work with the subtle print on the rug. (Vogue Living Australia Feb 2010)

The contrast between the modern transparent chairs and the painted table made from an old wood door work beautifully in this kitchen.

Am putting this geometric throw on my wish list, it has such appeal. (Libby Sellers Paris apartment)


Along with this clock and light (Captains of Industry, Melbourne)

And this great collection of old cameras.

And not least of all, this wall relief sculpture by David Band and Anita Bell 

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  1. So simple, yet amazing. I want this place, it has a nice vibe to it. And your blog is great ~ I've just found it.