Thursday, January 20, 2011

Found 20.01.2011

Today's finds come from Billymoon and Agatha's Antiques in 4th Ave Parkhurst where I do a substantial amount of trawling for interesting finds. You can call and speak to Andrew who is always very helpful on 011 788-9950 or contact him on

I'm totally crazy about this pair of Sputnik lights (Italian 1960's) Gaetano Sciolari

This avocado green Anglepoise "Terry Herbert" lamp has such an elegant shade.

I'm loving this 'Farley" Portrait oil / canvas 1950

This 1970's Italian cream Leather Couch is looking to rock the right space. It is great design from every angle and could stand anywhere.

Have a great weekend shopping, more 'finds' to follow.

                                             All photo's by Wayne Smith                                         

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  1. Keep diggin!! You find the coolest stuff!! I also love that little oil and know
    Someone else who has her beady eye on it!! You'd never say it was painted in the fifties!! The sofa? noooooooo? Not yet at any rate!!