Friday, January 21, 2011

I heart Aigle

For ages I lusted after a pair of Aigle rain boots. I stalked the J Crew website like a crazed freak. While on holiday a friend Caroline and I found them on deep deep sale at a store that was closing down. We pounced on them. It was like they were meant to be mine. And since we are having all this rain, I've hauled them out and loving the opportunity to wear them. I found some work taken by photographer Vincent Leroux that he did for Aigle for their 150th anniversary, celebrated in style at concept store Merci in Paris. Love the images, and wish I could lay my hands on some of those metal boot lasts. They would look so good somewhere in my house.


  1. Oh what interesting pics! They make such a slim elegant gumboot!
    We found one of their stores in France - completely by chance too-
    And it was Sale Time!! Bought fabulous men's stuff but no boots on sale-
    Think that's their staple and sure they have a cult following!!

  2. I wore them everyday when it snowed and fell in love.... thanks to you Mia! Normally I would have looked but not touched assuming they were too rich for my blood! hahahaha!